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At one point in my life I was consumed by anxiety, fear and self hate. Struggling with OCD and an eating disorder I spent most of my time in one room in my house. I was a prisoner to my negative emotions and fears. I didn’t want to take medications and the conventional therapies didn’t help so I knew it was up to me to help myself. Over years I tried many different things and grew and improved slowly over time, there when still things that I couldn’t shake. One of the big things that I thought I would never be able to do is to love myself unconditionally. Then I was guided to Quantum Energy Coaching. I knew the first time I reset my autonomic nervous system that I was on to something incredible, I felt different, more relaxed as a baseline. By the end of that year I was surprised to find that I love myself unconditionally! Having helped myself I now want to pass it on and help others… 


Client Testimonials


Mehrnaz, USA, 2021

“I started my first QEC session at the end of last year with Tiffany. I was not doing well mentally and was really busy between school, family and work and I believe my first session all I did was cry. However somehow Tiffany was able to lift me up and guide me in the right direction. She not only reminded me about my potentials but also helped me share things with her that I had kept inside for over 30 years. Tiffany helped me see that the right mind set will help me reach my goals. I believe what was healing to me was the feeling of being supported and loved by Tiffany. She is very genuine, she listened without judgement and I could feel how much she cared to help. This helped me open up to her which in turn helped me feel better. Thank you Tiffany for all you do! You helped me set my self free from my past.”

Jim C, USA, 2021

“ Tiffany was a very instrumental part of my healing. Tiffany focused on the " ROOT CAUSE" of my issues and addressed them so eloquently and empathetically. She is a true master of her profession and I will be forever grateful for that. Her beautiful work really did change my life for the better forever. I and so happy I decided to go thru the journey even though I had my moments wondering if there was any hope for my situation at all. I truly had times that I did not even want to continue on this planet. I hung in there with Tiffany's help and ultimately prevailed. I am doing better than I have literally in years ! I am so grateful that I went thru the process, hung in there and prevailed. You know what they say when your  house cleaning " You have to stir up a little dust to get it done " is the analogy I use. I don't think there is any way around that. Thank you so much for your help in my recovery as I might not be here if it weren't for you Tiffany. I have the upmost gratitude for you and your talent you bestowed upon me. Keep up the awesome work, it is invaluable especially with unpresadented challenges we all face today with he current state of affairs our world is in.”

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What is QEC?

Quantum Energy Coaching (QEC) is a practical healing tool that's especially useful for working with stress, depression and trauma. The QEC process is simple, with lasting results because together with the client, we work with the power of the subconscious mind. 
Based in neuroscience, the aim of QEC is to change our limiting beliefs and open the door to the life we wish to experience.
No lengthy talk-therapy, no medication, no repetition or mantras. You don't even need to believe in the process for it to be effective because with QEC we work much deeper, bypassing our conscious mind.


Why work with the subconscious?

All of our past experiences, good or bad, shape our beliefs about ourselves and our place in the world. These beliefs are held in our subconscious mind. Much of our responses in life emanate from our lifetime of conditioning, influencing how we see, feel and behave towards others (and ourselves).